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  • Production of embryos for sale and/or export purposes

  • Flushing, embryo collection, cryopreservation and processing

SAV Bloodline 9578_edited.jpg


Reg #:  CAA#2184241

Tattoo:  IMP 9578F

Embryos available:


The $250,000 top seller from the 2020 SAV sale and one of the most exciting upcoming bulls in the breed.  He combines the most dominant and valuable maternal lines at SAV with Blackcap May 4136 and Emblynette 2369.  Bloodline has awestruck all who have seen him with his massive dimension, soundness, and herdbull charisma.

One NAtion.png


Reg #:  AAA#19543473

Tattoo:  9558

Embryos available:

Jacs Blackcap 0247

One Nation is the impressive President son from the 2020 SAV sale where he was selected for his completeness and built in cow power with calving ease credentials.  The Emblynette cow family need little introduction and his dam is beautiful Bismarck daughter with a perfect udder and is both the lowest birth and third highest milk cow in the entire SAV herd.  With President now a proven sire in demand, here is a standout son that comes in a lower birth package and stacks more of the breed's best cow families into the pedigree.  In the Canadian database, One Nation is in the top 5% for CED and top 10% for BW, he maintains a YW EPD in the top 6%.  Here is a multi-purpose sire backed by the best females in the breed.



Reg: AAA +*19249580

Tattoo:  8018

Embryos available:

Jacs Blackcap 0247

SAV America 8018 is our $1,887,500 valuation all-time, top-selling, world-record son of President.  He literally shattered every record including the all-time record at Schaff Angus Valley for 205-day weight at 1107 pounds and the most money ever paid for a bull in history, selling for 80% semen interest at 1.51 million dollars.  He is a "one of a kind" breeding piece, resulting from the last embryo produced out of the legendary SAV Madame Pride 0075, who has produced over $5.5 million dollars in progeny sales to date. America is truly unique.

Justified good.png


Reg #:  AAA #*17707279

Tattoo:  3023

Embryos available:

Coleman Donna 6243

Tar Donna 614

KG Justified has gained the admiration of cattlemen worldwide as a sire of body mass, muscle, foot and udder quality and phenotypic power.  As impressive as his sons are Justified’s greatest attribute is likely his broody, easy-keeping, highly productive daughters. He is definitely an udder improver. The daughters have tight, balanced udders with excellent teat size and plenty of milk.
Justified 3023 offers a unique combination of calving ease, sustainable growth and carcass quality combined with docility and heifer pregnancy making him a true genetic breed leader. He offers breed-leading Claw, Angle, $M and $W with outcross opportunities. His ability to transmit a superior phenotype with strong genetic data offers high profit potential for all cattlemen.



Reg #: 1952445

Tattoo:  IMP 5153C

Embryos available:



Colburn Primo 5153: Primo is the awesome new sire raised by Colburn Cattle Co, CA. He's a product of one of Style's most decorated daughters and the amazing Dameron First Class! His maternal granddam is Silveiras famous donor, Saras Dream! Primo's full sister's are some of the most dominating show heifers on the circuit! Trust these genetics to take you to the next level at the show ring with balanced EPDs.



Reg:  AAA 19202253

Tattoo:  A811

Embryos available:

Jac's Blackcap 0247

  • The excitement continues to build around Crackerjack as his first calves hit the ground small, but with superior vigor and growth. They're jet black, stylish and massive just like their sire.

  • Musgrave's identified Crackerjack early as the next step forward in their breeding program for his powerful yet proud look, structure and balanced genetic predictions. His productive dam has power, substance and complimentary femininity, with incredible udder quality and excellent feet.

  • Crackerjack is pleasing many for his excellent feet, large scrotal development and extra muscle expression. We believe Crackerjack has as much scope and future as any young sire in the A.I. industry.



Reg #: US17145326 CAN1881900

Tattoo:  IMP 18Y

Embryos available:

Wiwa Creek Tilda 530'15

Jac's Blackcap 0247

Cash took the 2012 spring bull sale season by storm when he sold 1/3 interest for $108,000.00, making Cash the highest selling bull ever produced in the productive Barstow Angus program. Produced by a beautiful first calf heifer who weaned him at at 113 ratio. Cash went on to earn a yearling ratio of 112 and scan with an adj. RE of 18.0 sq. in.!! Cash is an exciting new calving ease sire that possesses a flawless genetic tabulation with a 64 lb. actual birth weight and strong growth, carcass, and $B values. Cash is an sensibly-sized bull that is massive in his design with incredible body volume and shape, thickness, and muscle mass throughout. TOP 1% of the Breed for WW, YW and SC



Reg #:  2065368

Tattoo:  IMP 6313D

Embryos available:

Maya Blackcap 247D

Bravo just broke the record for the State of Montana when the gave fell at $450,000 for 1/2 interest to Sandford Ranches in Greenwood, Texas.

Bravo is a combination of 2 great cow families from Coleman Angus
Use Bravo with confidence to add extra muscle, depth and maternal
qualities to your herd while adding excellent eye appeal. 
Coleman Bravo 6313 is the next generation standard for forage-based efficiency-moderate framed, easy fleshing and a rare combination of calving ease, positive $EN and top 10% $W. He's backed by three generations of powerhouse dams-all wrapped up in a structurally sound, prolific, eye-appealing package.



Reg #:  AAA 18578964

Tattoo:  6847

Embryos available:

Maya Blackcap 247D

SAV President 6847 was the world record and top-selling bull of the 2017 SAV sale at $750,000 with a total valuation of $938,500.

 Incredible in his structure and powerful in his design, we believe President is the best Charlo son out of the No. 1 income producing cow in SAV history, SAV Blackcap May 4136. To date, she has produced over $10 million dollars in progeny sales. Thick and efficient, he is the future of performance Angus genetics.    



Reg #:  19102305

Tattoo:  7219

Embryos available:

Wiwa Creek Tilda 530'15

Riverside Rosewall 20Z

Coleman Resolve 7219 is huge footed and very extended through his front one third. Resolve is a very impressive bull, pretty hard to fault.

He is loaded with pure power, great structured, plenty of rib, body, and bone. With none other than Coleman Donna 714 as his dam, and SAV Renown 3439 as his sire this makes him as solid as they come.

Coleman Resolve is the full brother to ZWT Summit and has more mass and rib than his brother. He is loaded with pure power, great structured, plenty of rib, body, and bone. With none other than 714 as his dam, this makes him as solid as they come.



Reg #:  US17038724 CAN2010588

Tattoo:  IMP 1682Y

Embryos available:

Maya Blackcap 247D

Remitall F Ms Morrison 148F

Wiwa Creek Tilda 530'15

Ranked Number 4 among all Angus sires for progeny registered in the 2018 fiscal year of the American Angus Association after ranking Number 6 in 2017, even though demand has been much larger than the amount of semen available for several years, this high volume, easy fleshing individual is one of the bulls that cattlemen admire at ORIgen and one of the highest demand sires in the decade. With more than 30 different sons that topped bull sales across the nation in the spring of 2018, few calving-ease bulls in Angus history have ever offered the extreme body mass and depth of body that is a trademark of Payweight 1682 and his progeny, in combination with elite growth values and a look that appeals to both purebred and commercial cattlemen.



Firebrand was the top selling bull at the 2017 Brooking Angus Sale, SK where they proclaimed he's a milestone breeding achievement, blending abundance of thickness, testicle development, muscle and dimension with a unique, clean, erect front third, based on a great set of feet and legs. Fantastic females are included on both sides of the pedigree to bolster Firebrand's appeal as a tremendous breeding piece!


Firebrand is supported by cow family strength on both sides of his pedigree. His sire’s dam EA Rose 918 is what an Angus cow should look like. Firebrand’s dam, Brooking Annie K 390, is a moderate framed female that is very angular fronted and has a beautiful udder. Firebrand is a sire to tie on to.



Reg #:  1504907

Tattoo:  SOO 16W

Embryos available: 

Jacs Blackcap 0247

  • Motive is impressive in his phenotype and muscle expression and unmatched eye appeal. He has been proven to be a low birth weight, along with a solid EPD profile.

  • Motive was the top-selling lot in the 2010 Bases Loaded sale where half interest sold for $55,000. Motive was the lead-off bull of the 2010 NWSS Champion Pen of Three bulls.

  • Motive offspring is in a high demand. Reports of progeny sales for, $83,000, $60,000, 44,000, $34,000, $25,000, $23,000, $22,000, $19,000, $19,000, $16,000, $15,000 and many other five figures individuals across Canada and the USA.



Reg #: 18460820

Tattoo:  683

Embryos available:

Maya Blackcap 247D

Deep in his rib cage and thick across his rump, this eye appealing son of a past Connealy top-selling yearling had a birth weight of 70 pounds and an adjusted 205 day weight of 986 pounds for a weaning ratio of 125 as highest weaning weight bull in his ET contemporary group and he scanned an adjusted URE measure of 17.1 square inches.

With an exceptional genomic profile that adds accuracy and predictability to his exceptional genomic-enhanced EPD profile, his dam who has an average progeny %IMF ratio of 9 at 102 and an average progeny URE ratio of 9 at 105, was produced by a full sister to the $110,000 S A V Resource 1441 and his third dam is the all-time highest income producing donor in the S A V program and among the top of the entire Angus breed.

Final Answer.jpg


Reg #:  1061938

Tattoo:  IMP 035K

Embryos available:  


S A V Final Answer 0035 produces moderate, efficient replacement females. Over 100 Split Diamond calves have been sired by Final Answer. Produced some top selling sons in Split Diamond bull sales: SD Final Answer 3073 sold for $10,500 in 2014. SD Final Answer 3004 sold for $10,250 in 2014. SD Final Answer 3072 sold for $8,500 in 2014.



Reg #:  1402252

Tattoo:  HFDF 5T

Embryos available:


A moderate, good footed & balanced calving ease bull with impressive WW & YW numbers. Tiger will transmit a lot of muscle shape and overall body mass with a pleasing profile along with being easy fleshing. 

Tiger was probably the winningest Bull in Canadian Angus history. Along with all his accomplishments he was overall Champion at the World Angus Forum. He also had a son sell for $92,000 at the Hamilton sale. His sons are thick and correct.



Reg #: 1662833

Tattoo:  IMP 9563W

Embryos available:  


Vin-Mar O’Reilly is an extremely unique combination of flawless phenotype and structure. This bull is as big boned, thick made, and sound.  O’Reilly Factor was the most phenotypically imposing Angus bull shown at the 2011 NWSS that combined calving ease EPDs with and extraordinary growth.  Many cattlemen admired the extra bone, body, style, and muscle shape that he possesses.  He’s an easy fleshing bull like his sire Final Answer, as balanced as the come and easy to look at.

Screenshot (1204).png


Reg #:  2019663

Tattoo:  IMP 764E

Embryos available: COMING SOON!

Poss Maverick is one of the most popular Angus sires all across the globe. The Maverick progeny have surpassed expectations in terms of elite phenotype and carrying on his incredible EPD profile. Bold outlined and imposing 3 dimensional body composition rarely found in such a high marbling sire.  The ability of backing up the genomic power with scale crushing data is what makes Maverick so unique. Maverick’s elite combination of $B, Marb, and phenotype make him a must use sire. He is the #1 $B son of Basin Payweight 1682 and his first progeny are excelling in genomic scores and topping sales.

Brooking Bank Note 4040


Reg #:  1776488

Tattoo:  JSTN 40B

Embryos available:


The wait is over;   BANK NOTE 4040 is the $125,000 phenom that we have all been waiting for. He is the performance bull that is stacked with maternal strength to increase value in both his sons and daughters. BANK NOTE 4040 is currently in the top 25% in 7 different categories and is in the top 1% for WW, YW, $F and $W, 2% for RADG, and top 20% for $B. His dam is the ideal Angus female that is impossible to fault, and she has shown her breeding potential through BANK NOTE and his maternal sister, Rose 1019. BANK NOTE daughters should be perfect uddered, moderate framed, easy doing, high volume and very complete made.
From the ground up, BANK NOTE is an impressively sound individual that will add extra muscle, stoutness, and rib capacity in a very attractive package. He has won many banners in the show ring, but his true value will be as a bigtime producer for years to come.  Taken from: ORIgen Beef semen sales

SAV Rainfall.jpg


Reg: AAA +*18578963

Tattoo:  6846

Embryos available:


Rainfall is a standout from a landmark flush at Schaff's Angus Valley with credentials to write a whole new chapter in Angus history.  He combines dominating phenotype, superior confirmation and outlier thickness, muscle shape, capacity and pounds, while blending a fresh pedigree, proven outcross calving ease genetics and the greatest maternal cow in the Angus breed.
He sires added length, soundness and unmistakable herd bull presence in his sons. His daughters are stunning in an elegant maternal package. He sets himself apart with his dominating hip and rear-leg structure with muscle shape and flawless phenotype.
A $Weaning leader that offers strong MARB and REA predictions in an easy fleshing, big-bodied, good footed design.
He brings Calving Ease, maternal strength and performance together - fundamental elements to build from.


Reg #: 2099027 

Tattoo:  IMP 8362F 

Embryos available:


This absolute no holes Angus Beef bull, South Point, is a one of a kind record breaking sire.  Starting his career winning the CANADIAN WESTERN AGRIBITION on Thanksgiving Day, then shortly after making the long trip to Denver, Colorado to get slapped the 2020 NATIONAL WESTERN Grand Champion Angus Bull. This is calving ease must-use who nearly doubles his sire's Milk EPD plus has a positive scrotal EPD. 8362's dam is one of the most productive donors in the nation.  Conley South Point 8362 brings a tremendous amount of value to the table!



Reg #:  1870323

Tattoo:  JSTN 12C 

Embryos available:


Silver Lining clamed victory as the first "All Breeds Semex's President's Classic Champion Ay Agribition 2015. Silver Lining "did it again", he was the "Reserved Champion Bull" at Agribition 2016. Silver Lining has structural integrity and carries that maternal presence the is rare to achieve. His dam is an attractive and high phenotype cow raising high sealers females as well. He is a moderate frame bull with a clean front end, deep body with much power and mass.



Reg #: 1707295

Tattoo:  IMP 1441Y 

Embryos available:  N/A

Top 1% of the breed for: Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Total Maternal, REA and Carcass Weight Top 2% for Scrotal circumference Resource is one of the most iconic bulls in the breed; Resource is the most popular sire in the Genex lineup due to his ability to sire growth, carcass merit and maternal ability in a desirable package.

• Resource brings to the table the basics of efficiency and natural fleshing ability, with thickness, muscle, masculinity, superb structure, feet quality and authentic breed character.

• Resource sons have unprecedented performance and industry appeal, while his daughters are making superb brood cows with high quality udders and abundant milk.



Reg #: 1952446 

Tattoo:  IMP 1535C 

Embryos available:


The $136,000 top bull of the 2016 Musgrave sale. Elite performance and individual quality from one of their all-time greatest females. He is a stand out performance bull that uniquely combines stoutness, base width, and muscle with depth of fore rib, phenotype, and eye appeal second to none. From the ground up Sky High has superior structural soundness and hoof quality. Individually he earned weaning and yearling ratios of 114 in a contemporary group of 91 head. His remarkable dam has earned a NR of 3@109 and BW ratio of 3@101. We are highly anticipating what Sky High has to offer.



Reg #: 1485949

Tattoo:  WAF 321U

Embryos available:  N/A

WAF Zorzal 321U was first spotted at the World Angus Forum in 2009.  A tremendous muscle pattern, structure, big top, large scrotal are of the many reasons Zorzal has gained popularity.  The proof is in the pudding now as what a set of calves he is throwing!  The heifer calves are phenomenal and the bull calves are long bodied, masculine reproductions of Zorzal as a young bull.

Zorzal has loads of natural muscling, mass and substance with elite carcass and yield.

Net Worth.jpg


Reg #:  1309743

Tattoo:  IMP 4200P

Embryos available:  N/A

Net Worth, one of the exponents of the breed in the USA and also in Brazil, being one of the leading American bulls.

In addition to enviable characteristics of carcass, meat conformation and muscularity, as shown in their evaluation indexes, Net Worth has been used in registered herds appearing on the slopes with great prominence by the phenotype that prints on its progeny.

Its progeny presents excellent weight gain indexes at weaning and year, excellent economic indexes, especially with moderate frame.



Reg #:  1481377

Tattoo:  IMP 7301T

Embryos available:  N/A

Pioneer’s legacy continues thanks to his outstanding daughters. Use Pioneer on cows to create wedge-shaped, deep-bodied, slick-haired females with tremendous udder quality.



Reg #:  1633982

Tattoo:  IMP 0338X

Embryos available:  N/A

  • SAV Harvestor is without doubt one of the most powerful bulls of the industry, backed up with an amazing performance pedigree.

  • SAV Harvestor was the highest valued bull in the 2011 spring bull sale season, topping the Schaff Angus Valley Sale at $275,000 for 2/3 interest

  • His EPD for YW is 150.0; Harvestor offspring are of moderate birth weight with heifers averaging 85 lbs. and bulls 92 lbs, all loaded with natural thickness, volume and performance.

Tour of Duty.jpg


Reg #:  16984170

Tattoo:  177

Embryos available: N/A

  • Tour of Duty is a bull carrying high performance genetics from a proven high-impact cow family, ranking # 1 among active sires in the breed for WW EPD and $W index.

  • His fabulous phenotype is just as impressive as the powerful EPDs and data. His great feet and leg structure as well this combination of extreme length and depth set him apart just as his great disposition.

  • He was the record selling bull at the 2012 Minnesota bull test station. Tour of Duty is the only bull in the Angus database with over a + 100 $W value and a great maternal combined value.


S A V 004 DENSITY 4336

Reg #:  1266311

Tattoo:  IMP 4336P

Embryos available:  N/A

  • Density is a cow maker deluxe, his daughter are rising to the top at ranches across Canada and the USA.

  • His sons are in demand due to their depth of body, muscle expression and they are correctly structured.

  • Density has been uses worldwide on cows of all body types due to his consistent siring pattern