Angus Dams

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  • Production of embryos for sale and/or export purposes

  • Flushing, embryo collection, cryopreservation and processing

Whitestone Blue Ribbon 5105

White Stone Blue Ribbon 5105

Sire: Basin Excitement

Dam:  Whitestone Blue Ribbon C177

Reg #:  18154690

Tattoo:  5105

Birth Date:  01.14.2014

Embryos sired by:






A high numbered daughter of Basin Excitement and featured Blue Ribbon family from the Whitestone program. This female excels from an EPD standpoint coupled with outstanding performance and phenotype.
She had an individual weaning ratio of 114, a yearling ratio of 113 and an EPD value of +164.74 for dollar beef. She stems from a dam that records WR 2@111, YR 2@115, %IMF2@ 113, UREA 2@105 with one daughter in production with an average nursing ratio of 103.
Her 2018 bull calf has been retained in the Whitestone program.


Coleman Donna 6243

Reg #:  1989627 

Tattoo:  IMP 6243D

Birth Date:  30.06.2016

Embryos sired by:  ​

Coleman Donna 6243D is a direct daughter of one of the most productive donor cows at Bova-Tech (BTL).  Her dam Coleman Donna 2302Z has sold embryos across Canada and other countries producing outstanding offspring with the different sires used.

6243D is a carbon copy of her dam and direct daughter of SAV Resource 1441. She carries an amazing deep body with a great rib and overall thicknesses.  A cow of a gentle disposition, amazing feet and udder structure with balanced EPDs. 6243D is an easy fleshing cow that maintains high body condition scores through out the year, even milking and raising a calf  in pasture conditions.

Coleman Donna 2302

Coleman Donna 2302

Sire:  S A V Final Answer 0035
Dam:  Coleman Donna 0304

Reg #:  17544696

Tattoo: 2302

Birth Date: 07.16.2012

Embryos sired by:

* The Donna  cow family is synonymous of raising top producing individuals at Coleman Angus meeting all expectations with a maternal masterpiece combination, and Donna 2301 is living up to her heritage. 

* Donna is consistent on her production bringing to any program easy fleshing, milk and excellent udder and overall correct conformation. Her 2016 natural calf is an outstanding heifer sired by Resource weighed 731 lbs. at 7.5 mo. of age.

Jac's Blackcap 0247

Jac's Blackcap 0247

Sire:  S A V  Pioneer 7301
Dam:  Jac's Blackcap 6312

Reg #: 1701518

Tattoo: IMP 0247X

Birth Date: 01.06.2010

Embryos sired by:

Here is a stunning female that is straight on her lines, level hipped with an attractive look. Blackcap 0247X has raised offspring that share her erect front end and superior phenotype.  0247X pedigree is backed up by sires like SAV Final Answer, and N Bar Emulation EXT, she is a direct SAV Pioneer daughter. Her embryo basket feature embryos sired by some of the most popular and heavily use bulls in North America, with balanced EPDs and mind blowing phenotypes.

Wiwa Creek Tilda 530'15

Wiwa Creek Tilda 530'15

Sire:  Brooking Lead Change 204
Dam:  Wiwa Creek Tilda 6

Tar Donna 614

Tar Donna 614

Sire:  S A V Resource 1441
Dam:  TAR Donna 237

Reg #: 18552869

Tattoo: 614

Birth Date: 01.14.2016

Embryos sired by:​  COMING SOON!!

Here’s a really stout cow that’s loaded with ribeye, with a solid pedigree, sired by the Pathfinder sire SAV Resource who stems back to Coleman Regis 904 and OCC Juneau 807J.  Her 2020 daughter is sired by the $450,000 for 1/2 interest Coleman Bravo 6313.  She is an excellent example of proven Maternal Genetics.

thumbnail_Coleman Beauty 8313.png

Coleman Beauty 8313

Sire:  S A V President 6847
Dam:  TLA Beauty 5R

Reg #:  AAA +*19400624

Tattoo: 8313

Birth Date: 06.20.2018

Embryos sired by:​ 


Beauty 8313 is a daughter of the $750,000 one time world record seller SAV President 6847.  She is a maternal sister to proven outcross sire Soo Line Motive 9016 who sold for  $55,000 in the Bases Loaded Sale and was the leadoff bull in the Champion Pen of Three Angus bulls as a yearling.  Beauty 8313 is balanced in her type and kind, with plenty of muscle throughout her top and lower stifle.  She has a very beautiful feminine  smooth front end.

Elmgrove Price 5U

Elmgrove Pride 5U

Sire:  S A V 5175 Bando 1024
Dam:  MJLC Blackbird 27'02

Reg #: 1583031

Tattoo: KM 5U 

Birth Date: 02.21.2008

Embryos sired by:

Pride 5U was the feature donor cow at the KBJ dispersal sale in December 2016. This cow is built so right from front to back with a well balanced EPDs and a lots of milk. She has a excellent udder with extra volume and good feet. She took the attention of many that toured the KBJ herd, she has a unique presence that is though to miss. This is definitely one of the most impressive and nice made donor cow at KBJ’s that will bring great genetic value to any program.  

Black Nance of Shandeen 6R

Black Nance of Shandeen 6R

Sire:  W C C Special Design L309
Dam:  Terrlene Black Nance 41A

Reg #:  1269723

Tattoo:  SDA 6R

Birth Date:  01.31.2005

Embryos sired by:

Black Nance of Shandeen 6R is an E.T. cow itself. 6R has a splendid conformation, excellent udder, good disposition and outstanding EPD’s. During the last years 6R has been busy raising bull calves, in 2009 her bull calf was the feature calf at K-Deen production sale. Her Dam Terrlene Black Nance 41A a donor cow at K-Deen ended her show career in the Supreme Show at Agribition. 6R is a cow with lots of eye appeal, femininity and performance.

Riverbend Queen 314

Riverbend Queen 314

Sire:  B/R New  Design 323
Dam:  B A R Queen Traveller 3015

Reg #:  1469581

Tattoo:  IMP 314N

Birth Date:  02.16.2003

Embryos sired by:

Queen 314N is a maternal sister to Select Sires’ calving easy and top carcass bull EXT Traveler 205. Her first daughter was Res. Grand Champion at the Canadian Junior National. She is both a genetic gem, and  a powerful front pasture cow that  originates from the prestigious Riverbend Ranch. Queen 314 is phenomenal in her phenotype, and flawless in her production.

Remitall Classy Lady 54N

Remitall Classy Lady 54N

Sire:  Roths Millcreek Unique
Dam:  Remitall Classy Lady 213L

Reg #:  1172163

Tattoo:  AGN 54N

Birth Date:  02.05.2003

Embryos sired by:

Classy Lady 54N is deep bodied with that depth transmitted back into her flank and hip. She is sound in her movement and stout  in her design with a balanced EPD’s.  She is very fertile and has been very successful as a donor cow producing genetics of easy marketability. 54N is an Elite/Premier Dam with the Canadian Angus Association since 2008.

BBF Pleasant Pill 516

BBF Pleasant Pill 516

Sire:  BR Midland
Dam:  P H Pleasant Pill 3741

Reg #:  1405562

Tattoo:  IMP 516R

Birth Date:  08.06.2005

Embryos sired by:

Presenting the dam of  Triara  “Above Par  666T”. Pleasant Pill 516 found her way to be  one of the top cows that have built the Triara breeding program. Not surprising she comes from a famous cow family that produced the breed legend B/R New Frontier 095.  She is a very impressive cow with a nice udder and great overall conformation.  Top quality genetics that will leave its mark in any herd.

Fleming 921 Jena

Fleming 921 Jena

Sire:  TC Stockman 365
Dam:  Bar WL Lady 88A

Reg #:  987052

Tattoo:  FSF 921J

Birth Date:  02.06.1999

Embryos sired by:

An awesome embryo donor from FSF that has a long line of registered offspring at the CAA. 921 Jena  is a rare combination of power and maternal superiority, a cow with a great front end and profound depth of body, traits that consistently are passed to her offspring. Her daughters are feminine with nice udders and milk production. Her sons are blessed with an abundance of muscle.  Embryos from 921 Jena have been sold to different countries in the past.

Diamond Erica 79'02

Diamond Erica 79'02

Sire:  O G L Battle Cry 427 128
Dam:  Bar B Erica 8J

Reg #:  1127051

Tattoo:  GDRS 79M

Birth Date:  04.05.2002

Embryos sired by:

If you want to talk about mass, power and performance coupled with femininity you could easily describe Diamond Erica 79’02.  Erica 79’02 is a powerhouse with a deep rib shape and dimension. She is heavy milking earning herself a +29 milk EPD. She is an Elite/Premier Dam with the Canadian Angus Association with an average ratio of 111.

Fleming 203 Maureen

Fleming 203 Maureen

Sire:  Wavy Fame 13H
Dam:  Fleming 921 Jena

Reg #:  1096099

Tattoo:  FSF 203M

Birth Date:  01.06.2002

Embryos sired by:

      No embryos available at this time.

Sound, solid, easy fleshing and dense made are great words to describe this cow. She has been an embryo donor on multiple occasions since she is a powerful cow to build a cow family upon.  Her career is backed up by a dam that is extremely productive and fertile. 203M is a proven cow with the strength to lead right to the top.

Cudlobe Blacklass 78Y

Cudlobe Black Lass 78Y

Sire:  TC Aberdeen 759
Dam:  Cudlobe Blacklass 123U

Reg #: 1626667

Tattoo:  UGA 78Y

Birth Date:  01.01.2011

Embryos sired by:

Meadow Ridge May 38T

Meadow Ridge May 38T

Sire:  S A V 004 Density 4336
Dam:  Meadow Ridge Jenny 878

Reg #: 1407345

Tattoo:  JRHT 38T

Birth Date:  02.12.2007

Embryos sired by:

Sheildaghan Margaret 004X

Sheid aghan Margaret 004X

Sire:  RR Scotchman 2999
Dam:  Crescent Creek Margaret 25U

Reg #:  1553479

Tattoo:  VMF 004X

Birth Date:  01.21.2010

Embryos sired by:

MCC Keepsake 27X

MCC Keepsake 27X

Sire:  Justamere 2500 Mindbender 131T
Dam:  Remitall Keepsake 143L

Reg #:  1662778

Tattoo:  JJJH 27X

Birth Date:  05.17.2010

Embryos sired by:

JJJH 27X is a powerful moderate framed cow. She is out of the great Remitall Keepsake 143L cow which goes back to Sitz Alliance 6595, a true legend in the Angus breed. Keepsake 27X is a maternal sister to Justamere Cash, Supreme Champion Bull 2005 Farmfair. This is a great cow to build a program on with exceptional phenotype and milk production.

KFC 5899 Dana 9762W

KFC 5899 Dana 9762W

Sire:  Sitz Alliance 6595
Dam:  Lakeshore EXT Dana 9'97

Reg #:  1527332

Tattoo:  KFC 9762W

Birth Date:  02.05.2009

Embryos sired by:

 No Tour of Duty 177 embryos available

KFC 9762W a Sitz Alliance 6595 daughter with a super udder cow with perfect feet. She truly is a beautiful cow to look at, she is ultra feminine, deep bodied, square hipped and made absolutely perfect. Her Genomic test came back with very impressive results. This is the type of female where you can go in many directions, either a big time show female producer and or a herd sire breeding machine. Her 2014 twin heifer calves are proof enough for her to be a donor cow.